Red Jacket Concierge

The Red Jacket Concierge is the signature of Salontra Select Suites. Assisting salon professionals and their clients with everything from greeting guests to facilitating suite maintenance, the Red Jacket Concierge is always responsive to your needs so you can focus on your business.

Salontra Concierge


  • Greets Guests with a Smile
  • Directs Clients to Suites
  • Assists Seniors and Handicapped Guests to Suites
  • Handles Walk-in Requests
  • Assists Salontra Associates with Rapid Response Suite Servicing
  • Maintains Cleanliness of Common Areas
  • Recommends Restaurants and Area Services
  • Delivers Complimentary Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Carryout to Suites
  • Arranges Taxi Pick-up and Provides Valet Service (at select locations)
  • Provides a Memorable Experience

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