Ericka Cherrie

Business Name: Create the Beautiful Salon
Location: Catonsville , Suite 41
Blow Out
Hair Extensions
Hair Loss/Conditioning Treatments
Long Hair
Natural Hair - Locs/Braids
Shampoo & Style
Special Occasion Styling

Wanting to give her clients nothing but the best, Ericka Cherrie utilizes every opportunity to attend continuing educational classes to increase her knowledge about new hair care and styling techniques. Her motto of  "good hair is healthy hair" has enabled Ericka to build a strong following of faithful clients that support and encourage her continual growth.

In 2007, Ericka stepped out on faith and became the proprietor of her own salon and brand "Create The Beautiful". Ready to take on yet another challenge, Ericka began freelancing for local and national commercial fashion, print and advertising brands. Her work has been featured in fashion publications and she has been a style team member for fashion Brands including Laura Smalls, Omar Salam, and Dominique Auxilly for MBFW. Ericka has also been the lead hair artist for the Ms. Maryland pageant and Style to the Aisle bridal fashion show.

Ericka believes that beauty can be found in all of God's creations and wants to help bring that beauty out of every person she encounters because every day is a day to be Beautiful!

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 410-929-2282
Fax Number: 410-719-6108